May 22, 2024


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10 Tips You Must Know Before Submitting Your OBGYN Case List

You decide what cases should be included in your OBGYN Oral Board Case List based on your experience working with the case and the complications you encountered. The Case List accounts for 50%of the oral board exam. You need to carefully consider creating an informative case list that is easy to defend. Once you do, you are well on your way to celebrating another triumph and planning for your bright future as a licensed OBGYN.

Make sure that the issues you want to discuss in the exam are emphasized on your case list.

• Emphasize the issues you want to talk about are included on your case.

• Minimize those issues on your list that you don’t wish to discuss

• Review your own cases in great detail.

• Avoid typo’s

• Screen your cases for medical ‘red flags’.

• Email ABOG if you are not sure that a particular case should be included on your list.

• More is better. If there is any doubt about whether a case belongs on your list or not, rather play it safe and include it. It is better to give ABOG more cases than necessary, than less!

• Ask a Professional. Have a colleague (preferably someone with substantial experience with case lists) to review your case list prior to submission. More candidates send their case list to ExamPro than any other, for a professional review.

• Print your final copy for submission on high quality ‘heavy’ paper.

• Allow at least 1 week for your medical records department to verify your list.

Review your cases so you know them very well and try to anticipate the questions that examiner will be asking.


Make sure you send to ABOG the ‘De-identified’ copy. Failure to do so will result in your application for the exam being rejected and you will have to wait an additional year before you can take the exam!