May 21, 2024


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Free Wholesale & Dropshipping Sources Suppliers List eBay

PLEASE READ: Our complete list is now posted and available for free at a website of one of our business clients (see below for web address). On this website you will also find additional surplus and salvage sources, wholesale liquidators information, and information on specific suppliers that deal in wide variety of niche items as well as general wholesale and surplus merchandise.

Reason we decided to post our list on a site rather than e-mail it as we have done for the last 7 years is because we have been getting an overwhelming amount of requests – over 100 per day, on average, and it has become impossible to keep up. We are allowed to update our list through the site, so mark it and visit from time to time. If you want to add a company to the list, post a comment, and we will get notified of your post and will request for site owner to update the list.

We are still seeing an increased number of those who requested our free list – formatting it in a cleaner format and selling on eBay. The number of these SHAMELESS PEOPLE IS NOW 200+ eBay sellers that are selling our list for $9.95 – $19.95. WHAT A SHAME!!! SHAME ON ALL OF YOU!!! To add to that, We are STILL receiving quite a few nasty e-mails from some eBay sellers – specifically those that SELL similar lists on eBay, questioning as to why we chose to undermine their “business” and give our list away. Well, to all those RUDE people who sent us and continue sending us e-mails: We have given our list to over 100000 people so far, and will CONTINUE to give it out. This is our right, so please STOP wasting your time sending us silly e-mails. You can also STOP voting “NO” for this guide. This guide has been viewed by way too many people already, voted on and indexed in Google search for helpfulness, so your negative ratings will have ZERO impact

We are tired of people trying to rip off honest buyers by selling them obsolete, recycled or otherwise common information lists. True, these sources are not easy to find, but with some research, it is easy enough. While there is not much we can do to stop this practice, we can give you our own list for FREE. Thats right, FREE.

Why, you may ask? Well, first of all healthy competition is great. Secondly, we have found our niche over 19 years ago, and cannot put this list to its full use. We do hope that you find it useful, and maybe even valuable. We know for a fact that this list contains the same exact wholesalers and drop shippers that other ebayers sell for 19.99, and some up to 29.99

Here is our list of various tried and true wholesalers, distributors and drop shippers. Nothing hidden. You get whatever information we have available regarding the source. Website, telephone number, mailing address, fax, e mail, etc.
Use it as you see fit, and if you find even ONE useful source from this list,

you can now find our wholesale suppliers and dropshipping sources list here:
Genuine Wholesale Suppliers of 1.6 million products like Electronics, fashion, DVDs, Designer Handbags, Clothing, Shoes & Accessories etc from hundreds of brands, Beginners who don’t know how to find a supplier for eBay, and don’t know which products they should sell online.

[UPDATE 2021] Top Dropshipping Suppliers for eBay, Amazon, Shopify
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