June 24, 2024


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How to Build Profitable Opt-In Lists – Jimmy D Brown’s “List Profit System” Review

If you are brand new to the affiliate marketing business or you have your own products to sell, then building an opt-in e-mail list is a vital key to your success.

The fact is… That most visitors to your site are not going to make a purchase on their very first visit. Statistics show that it takes a potential customer an average of 7 visits to any given website before they make their final purchase.

Having an opt-in list gives you a way of not only building trust with your customers, but also allows you a way to keep in contact with them in the future. Cuz… you defiantly want them coming back for more.

Author and Web marketing Guru Jimmy D. Brown has been touted as the Grand Poo’Baa’ of opt-in list building. So when Jimmy released the “List Profit System” I had to check it out right away.

Inside “List Profit System” Jimmy has broken down the entire list building process into six easy to follow steps. Now… these are the same basic steps that all the big list builders are using in one form or another.

Here’s What You’ll learn:

1. How to build an effective landing page

2. How to drive traffic to your landing page

3. What and how to present you offer

4. How to write effective subject lines (so your e-mails get opened)

5. How to get your readers to take action after they open you message (make the sale)

6. How to defeat the spam filters

As always, Jimmy does a great job of breaking down each step in the system into easy to understand segments. The “List Profit System”comes in PDF format and also MP3. I think Jimmy had a cold when he recorded the Mp3’s but he still delivers the goods.