May 21, 2024


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Ways to Build Your Mailing List Without Direct Advertising

Building presence in the digital space has its perks. It is true that it contributes a lot in terms of advertising, but it does not stop there. In digital marketing, part of the success of a particular advertisement is measured in impressions and these impressions incur a particular cost; the best way to get your money’s worth is to make each impression hardworking. How? By making sure that they do not just drive traffic to your website, but beef up your mailing list as well.

Aside from being costly, most start-up online businesses try to find other ways to build their email lists without having to resort to advertising the website itself. Moreover, these types of ads sometimes come off as very hard-sell. With that, we’ll help you get started with three of the best ways to build your email lists sans direct advertising.

1. Hosting webinars. Business-minded people like yourself appreciate free trainings because they feel that this helps them get to know the industry better. They also prefer to hear it from people who have started the whole thing from scratch, because they feel like they are being “walked through” by a person who build his business from the ground up. Get more emails for your database by getting them to register for the webinar.

2. Being active on Social Media. This does not always mean being heavy on Sponsored Stories and Like Ads, which does little to driving traffic to your site or email list. They best way is for you to engage people through good content, and after you get their attention, hold a promo that prompts them to send you an email.

3. Use your current mailing list as referrers. As we mentioned before, suggestion is a powerful tool in advertising, if you know how to use it well. The first step is to push interesting content to to people who are already on your list. This does not always have to end up with a spiel that sells them something. It could be as simple as sharing with them the most popular article on your website, and asking them to forward the email to their contacts. Don’t forget to include a “Subscribe” button at the end of the email so that it is easy for their friends to sign up on your mailing list.

These ideas are just one of the most common ways digital marketers build their mailing list, but just like most things in online business, there is always room for innovation. All it takes is a bit of creativity.