May 22, 2024


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Lead Generation – The Number 1 Secret to Building Your List Online

Are you getting frustrated trying to generate leads to build your business online?

I know how you feel. No doubt, you have heard The Money Is In The List… build your list to build your business. But exactly how to you generate leads and build your list on the Internet?

I have a secret for you… there are at least a thousand ways to generate leads online, and most of them are not worth the effort. However, here are the top 6 ways to generate leads and market on today’s Internet:

1. Article Marketing

2. Forums and Blogs

3. eBay Classifieds

4. Press Releases

5. PPC marketing

6. Joint Ventures

WARNING: Everyone is hung up on lead generation, but all lead generation and list building techniques are basically worthless unless you have a way to capture your leads and follow up with them automatically.

The best way to capture leads is with a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a website that offers valuable free gifts or services so a prospect will enter his name and email address to join your email list. And the best way to automatically communicate with your leads is a good autoresponder which is software that resides on your website server and automatically sends a series of emails according to a schedule you define in advance.

If you want to build your business and your potential customer list, focus your efforts on the top 6 proven methods for lead generation listed above, and be sure to get the best autoresponder service that meets your business needs.