April 22, 2024


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What If I Deviate From God’s Plan?

Deviating from the plan that God has for us is not uncommon especially when it seem that it is long in coming but to do that is not a good thing. God is aware of what He is doing and He know when He want to manifest His plan in our life so it would be best if we would wait on Him and do not attempt to alter His plan.

If we do deviate from His plan for us, not all is lost because we can be restored. He know what we would do therefore He makes a way of escape for us so that His plan can be fulfilled in our life.

Once we have gotten out of His plan, we might face consequences that we do not want and because of that, we might feel guilty about what we have done and fear that God will not forgive us. We might be tempted to give up and resign ourselves to what has been done but we do not have to feel guilty or resign ourselves. We can always start over and make things right.

God is able to bring something good out of our mistakes so we should look for His goodness or lessons in it so that we would not make the mistake again. We will not be judged by the mistakes that we have done because all our sins are washed in the blood of Jesus. We will be judged by the works that we have only done for Christ sake.

If His plan seems long in coming it could mean that we are not quite ready to fulfill it. We have to be trained to do His will and He is our teacher. We have to get experience in what He has called us to do because He will never send us out unprepared for His work.

If we know what His plan is for us and the opportunity has not arrived for us to do it then it is time for us to wait on Him. Abraham received the promise from God that he and Sarah would have a son but it took years before it happened. In the meantime, Abraham had a son by Sarah handmaid but he was not the promise son. They deviated from the plan of God but it did not change what the Lord said, He was still able to manifest His word in spite of what they had done. He is also able to manifest His word to us if we would deviate from His plan. Although, there is friction to this day between Abraham’s descendent because of their decision to get ahead of God and it has caused a lot of heartache and pain but God’s word will prevail. The promise belongs to Israel and nothing can change it.

Sometimes we might get anxious about moving forward because we might consider the time or our age but when God made the plan for us He knew when He wanted it manifest and time or our age only played a small part in it.

Restoration is very good because all of us will need it somewhere along in our lives, It restores us when we makes mistakes. If we ask the Lord for forgiveness, He will forgive us and treat us as if we have not made a mistake. He will put us back on course and strengthen us to be able to fulfill His plan and He will give us patience and wisdom if we are willing to wait on Him for His plan for us.