April 22, 2024


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The Essence of a Good Manager

Being a manager is not important; being a good manager is what makes a huge difference to the success of the business. A manager plays an vital role in grooming the company’s employees or its team into being better people and ensures better productivity. It’s a manager’s responsibility to manage, delegate, motivate, supervise, mentor and groom its workforce.

A good manager should possess or at least inculcate these qualities to be successful.

Team Leadership

You must be capable to steer your team in the right direction to benefit from growth to your firm as well as employee’s career development. Your confidence, endurance, diligence, sanguinity etc must be unflawed. Having said that, you also must be approachable and transparent – you must never let ego come in your way.

Decision making capacity

As a manager, you must be able to handle critical decisions and work under pressure. This same training must be given to deserving employees and must be challenged to assess their decisions making capabilities now and then. This quality is very crucial in any job field in personal career development.

Optimistic approach

You are a mirror to your employees, if you portray a negative approach; this will also get rubbed off on them.

Impartial attitude

Treat everyone equally, it is normal for managers to concentrate on improving or promoting skilled and efficient employees, but do not forget to give your slower workers a chance to excel; coach them and train them.

Sense of humour

No one likes a grumpy manager, a laugh here and there will loosen up any work tension, and employees work better and yield better results than when working under stress.

Good communication skills and being a good listener

Be a friend when they need to talk, be a good listener, any member of your team, if he is going through a hard time or having personal problems, it is okay to offer a sympathetic ear, off duty hours of course, and try to work out a mutually beneficial solution.

Knowing when to say yes and when to say no

A dynamic manager knows when to be kind, how to be sympathetic and also knows where to draw the line. It is not good to be too empathetic with your employees that may cause your business more harm than good.