May 22, 2024


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Squish Your SEO Competition Like a Bug

Want to squish your SEO competitors online like a bug and take the lion’s share of the traffic? Here are some helpful strategies:

Know Who You’re Competing Against

Do some competitive analysis to see who is at the top of the search engine results pages for the words and phrases you want your website to rank for. Analyse their SEO strategy, too, so that you know what you are up against. Some companies who are new to SEO find that although they have competition, often their competition hasn’t got a solid SEO strategy and it might not be too arduous of a task to accomplish. Don’t underestimate competitors. Know who you’re up against, what strategies they’re employing to rank well, and structure your own SEO strategy in a way that will help you compete. If they’re not on top of SEO on a constant basis, it might not take too much to unseat them.

Pick the Right Keywords

A few keyword phrases in your industry probably account for a large percentage of traffic received. If you can rank for them, it could make a really positive difference to your online marketing success. Keyword optimisation is not just about getting ranked; it’s about getting sales, too. Pick ‘buying’ keywords so that every click has a greater chance of actually counting. Extensive keyword research will make a big difference.

Write a Better Meta Description

A meta descriptions is the few sentences that turn up in the search engine results pages when someone sees the top ten results for their query. The meta description is something you can control. You can control whether or not someone sees that your site appears to be the best option in the list. If you craft a great description of your website, you’ll have a greater chance of getting the click. This can make being in spot #2 or spot #3 more powerful than being in spot #1 on the search engine. And if more people consistently click your links, you’ll slide up the scale past the competition.

Take the time to optimise your overall online presence, too. People may see you as the best-looking option but may investigate you further before taking the plunge and buying from you.

Continually Measure Your Bounce Rate

Don’t just work to get a click at any cost; work to get targeted traffic. Measure this by looking at your website traffic reports. This will help you in many ways. Targeted traffic isn’t just better than random visitors because of the potential for a sale but search engines also measure your bounce rate, too. If your competitors have better optimised site pages than you do but their traffic doesn’t react favourably, Google and the others may decide that your page deserves to be higher in the rankings. Measure and track this rate so you can do everything possible to optimise pages for maximum conversion. (Don’t settle! When you reach a goal, set a new one)

Diversify Your Efforts

Don’t rely on one method of search engine optimisation alone. Look at multiple proven SEO methods and look at more than one search engine. Getting traffic via multiple methods such as pay per click ads, social marketing, email marketing, and organic SEO rankings will help you not only get more traffic but this will help you find more ways to woo customers and keep them from seeking out the competitors.

Quality AND Quantity

Quality is good. Quality, as stated above, will get you customers and will also help you climb the SEO ladder. But quantity is important, too. Quantity could be what’s standing between you and your throne on the top of the SERPs. Whatever you’re doing to gain ground with SEO, consider doing more of it. More blogging, more press releases, more social marketing, more link building, etc…. More effort can help you gain ground quickly to squash that competition.


SEO doesn’t happen overnight and when it does happen, that doesn’t mean it’s time to stop. Don’t give up. Even if it takes more than a few weeks or a few months to reach your goals, you’ll be working toward success and you’ll reap the rewards along the way. You’ll start to capture the attention of more potential customers and you will start to see the traffic level gap between your site and the competitions’ sites disappear.

Get Help

It’s not easy to run a successful SEO campaign on your own, especially when you’ve got a business to run. Getting the right SEO help that involves an ongoing and successful approach will make a big difference!