April 22, 2024


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Ruined Rural Economic climate – Failed Get together and Nation Aspect – 15

“Contribution of Congress led ruling alliances is much more in Bleeding
the Nation fairly than Creating the Nation in last 4 a long time”

I sense indebted when I discover that the visitors environment about have expressed sympathy for very poor Indian and Asian farmers who have been committing suicide due to lousy financial insurance policies of Congress led govt which has ruined Indian Agro and Farming Sector (IAFS) in totality. The MM-Computer-AS trios Economic Think Tank (ETT) have truly not only wrecked the total agro economic system but also embedded previous nail on the burying coffin of farmers by importing over 30 lakh tons of foods grains. What a reprehensible final decision of Indian Agriculture Minister, Mr Sharad Powar, who has extra far more salt to their currently bleeding wounds due to negative and anti-farmers oriented Congress and so known as secular opportunist and chair hungry third front. Mr Powar is busier in participating in cricket off the area fairly than taking care of his portfolio as Agricultural Minister of Union of India. Comparable guidelines are also apparent in a lot of other international locations where very poor farmers are pressured to dedicate suicide. A multi millionaire Sharad has no time for inadequate farmers.

What a pity on the nation of a billion that they pick out irresponsible leaders.

When to start with time, the Congress led amalgamated government was formed less than Mr Male Mohan Singh as Key Minister and Sri P Chidambaram as Finance Minister, I have predicted that the tempo of so-termed Economic Reforms in India (ERI), these leaders have conceived with Entire world Financial institution and Western Financial system Improvement Oriented Design (WEDOM) that Indian Agro and Farming Sector (IAFS) is heading to be ruined. I am nonetheless firm that as each the leaders have, time and once more, reflected the deep embedded impact of WEDOM in their head, they would damage India. Who understands it is a nicely conceived conspiracy to wipe out IAFS from grass root amount and for which the current govt is capable. The contribution of Congress led ruling alliances is much more in Bleeding the Nation instead than Developing the Nation in final four yrs”.

The WEDOM, which encourages capitalism and discards Social Financial Progressive Product (SEPM) conceived by Sri Jagan Nath as Gram Sarpanch in fifties and applied in tiny village of Piplia of erstwhile Nainital (now US Nagar) district of Uttrakhand, is unsuited for Asian Nations. The deep rooted imprint of WEDOM on the minds of MM-Computer system-AS trios contemplating has already drained out ton of blood of lousy Indian farmers at Nandigram in West Bengal. The present Khichari (Multiparty) Government of a variety of events has systematically ruined IAFS in planned method, which none of them can deny. The crocodile tears of existing Congress management which includes her president on constant suicides of farmers are nothing at all much more than a gimmick. It is a discreditable splotch on our Agricultural Minister’s solution in managing these kinds of a delicate difficulty of farmer’s suicide.

How pathetical it is, that the present governing administration is just dumping income to get suicide? The new Indian Convey report of PM’s panel discovering faults with the PM’s liberal deal of rupees 17,000 Crores to reduce farmers credit card debt complications has infact come to be a rich harvesting prospect for corrupt officials. The India Tv exposure of distribution of financial assistance to farmers of rupees ten, twenty and previously mentioned reveals the real issue of our management. After listening to about reservation in 1948, Sri Ramji Das Mehta mentioned estimate “These incompetent, inefficient and stumpy mentality reserved individuals would increase and occupy most of the leading positions in administration, law enforcement and various other departments after fifty decades and thereafter downfall and destruction of India would start” unquote. He was appropriate in his prediction than, which is proving correct in every part even now what I truly feel. I as well retain that so identified as minimal caste persons can meet up with all the problems of existence in significantly much better way delivered they are educated and developed in superior environment. Soaring of a slum dweller from a standard citizen to be a collector through quota would absolutely make him corrupt which is the truth of the matter now.

Why Indian Key Minister or Finance Minister is so careless in direction of IAFS progress. Throwing of hundreds of tons of tomatoes in ocean, rotting of very similar volume of onions in Maharashtra is of terrific concern. There is a need to have to evaluation Indian financial guidelines which is slowly and gradually drifting toward capitalist financial system. The existing craze of privatization of every single next obligation of governing administration has seriously shifted the electrical power block from general public to businessmen. Nowadays, most of the FM economic policies are guided by Tata’s Birla’s, Ambani’s and Mittal’s and not the fundamental need of more than 80% poor peasantry’s day by day needs.

My viewers would agree with me that most of the financial policies of Congress led govt are to favor 20% of loaded men and women. The sky rocking selling prices of crucial commodities have, by and big, virtually criminalized Indian poors. The Congress has really tactfully stuffed her social gathering coffin via very unstable marketplace index. Mahatma’s vision of producing 80% villages affluent has long gone on deaf ears. The WEDOM influence on Indian ETT can be noticed that every financial coverage is to profit Western shoppers and not the poor Indians.

The recent decision of Agricultural Minister to Import wheat, sugar and even onion is truly a induce of excellent worry for farmers of Maharashtra, Punjab and Central India. I only understand the motive of importing around 30 Lakh tons of agro products and solutions is nothing further than the Pandora box of fee, perks and five star solutions.

Why Government of India (GOI) is ready to import wheat which eventually expenditures more than rupees 1650 for each quintal but not completely ready to shell out over rupees 900 for each quintal to have farmers. The Typical Common Gentleman (COM) plight is beyond as soon as notion. The criminalization of culture is at fast pace. Why ratio of juvenile crimes has risen significantly demands comprehensive analyze other clever Long term of Indian (FOI) would usually live under danger of criminal offense.

I would propose that the GOI should first:

o One produce more than enough opportunities for farmers to market the products and solutions and not dump over hundreds of tons of tomatoes, potatoes, onions and other food stuff grains in ocean

o Two, consider current market to the farmers and not farmers going to the market

o Three make sure each and every square inch of cultivating land has irrigation technique. If irrigation canals do not exit then make a 5 calendar year plan after fifty decades of independence which is nonetheless not late

o Four make certain high generate verity of native seeds devoid of patent correct gimmick of foreigners specifically United Point out of The us victimizing tactics of entire world

o Five provide significant excellent but reduced charge fertilizers to farmers. In simple fact, I would suggest that Indian and Asian farmers need to abide by my partner rule of Just one-Third Land Cultivation Cycle (OTLCC) of crops. He has invented and successfully practiced. In this approach, a farmer divides his total land mass in to a few parts. One particular piece of land is completely ready for harvesting, one more a person 3rd is obtaining normal animal dung and wild grass weeds increasing these as Sanai and Dhancha to the top of 3 to four toes and one particular 3rd land piece is being tilted, cultivated and prepared to sow eco-friendly compost fertilizer seeds. The largest benefit of this system is that land never losses her fertility as look at to chemical fertilizers.

o Six clear away center male but use not corrupt but straightforward officers to obtain proceeds

o Seven shift banking institutions to the villages and not villagers to the lender to prevent corruption and commission of bankers, middlemen and corrupt authorities officials

o 8 inspire co-operative way of harvesting of solitary assortment of crop specialization in a particular condition or location this sort of as rice in West Bengal, Assam and South India and so on.

“In fact, every single Supreme Court of entire world ought to ban all politicians acquiring portfolio to keep any other business so that these elected reps really should do justice with their portfolios”

Though, I have expressed my sights but I hope that all these views are neither from and get together, chief or authorities but for the reward of Indian and Asian farmers and peasantry who mainly dwell in villages. My endeavor to revive IAFS and review WEDOM is entirely directed to give a new lifetime to Indian farmers. In reality, each individual Supreme Court of environment ought to ban all politicians possessing portfolio to maintain any other business so that these elected associates must do justice with their portfolios. The quantity of time and political stunts which Mr Powar had performed in defeating Mr Birla, if he would have spent even 1 p.c of that, Indian farmers suicide would have been stopped. They are senseless and insensitive mainly because none of their individual spouse and children member fully commited suicide. The ache, miseries and unhappiness of grieved family is not witnessed by Ministers.