April 22, 2024


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Quick Guide For Job Description Preparation

Be it any position, crafting a compelling job description is vital to invite the most qualified candidates for the job. This critical document performs functions such as describing required skills and competencies, defining the job position, serving the basis for the employment contract and acts as a valuable performance management tool. For writing a clear, concise and effective job description, you just need to follow these amazing tips-

Specific job titles

Make sure you use targeted job titles instead of generic ones. A perfect job title should possess following qualities-

  • It should perfectly define the nature and duties
  • It should include a key phrase that accurately describe the role
  • Avoid internal lingo that may confuse the candidate
  • It should reflect the ranking order
  • It should be free from age and gender implications

Example- Parking inspector- a good job title while Council Enforcement officer- a bad job title.

An apt Job summary

A strong and attention-grabbing summary has every potential to captivate the job seeker. It is must to provide an overview of the company and expectations for the position. Inform readers why your company is unique insight about company culture will sum up why a candidate would love to work for you. Include an exact job location so that the job seeker will have a much-needed clarity on this. Mention the salary range that is competitive with similar positions in other organizations rather than assigning a particular salary to the position. Make sure the salary section is updated from time to time to match the changing pay scale.

A good job description should also include reporting lines and working relationships. Reporting lines gives a clear view by showing who the candidate reports to. It is not only important to know the compliance issues but also to have a better understanding of the hierarchical structure of the organization.

Working relationship implies the people and departments, the candidate will work closely with. There is no better way than an organizational chart to throw light on this aspect.

Responsibilities and duties

A list of duties and responsibilities associated with the role is highly recommended in order to get the right candidate. Though this list will vary in length but it should be concise and short. If you will bombard the Job description with numerous duties, the document will become operational manual rather than a job description. Roles in smaller companies generally have all-rounder nature but you need to make it as short as possible. Highlight the day-to-day activities of the position which will help candidate understand the daily tasks. It is also required to specify previous job experience, educational qualifications, certifications and other skills. If the job demands, you should also include required personal traits such as soft skills, problem solving and great communication skills. You might be tempted to list out all the skills required but follow the rule- short and concise.

A well-written job description gives the reader a sense of priorities involved. Accuracy of job description will provide more success in future.