May 22, 2024


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Prospecting! Poser, Amateur and the Professional

Prospecting is a key function and routine of any online network marketing owner but not everyone approaches it in the same way.

This articles aim is to describe and show the differences between the three different groups that people operate from while prospecting and the number of times they will follow-up with an individual person.


The poser will talk to someone maybe once. They will offer their business opportunity to someone and when they get a negative response and the prospect says no the poser immediately crosses them off their list forever and says, “They said no I don’t want to bother them again.” They accept the first response as truth.

The poser will say things like, “I have spoken to everyone I know in my warm market.” In truth the poser has only spoken to 6.


The amateur will offer their online network marketing business and they might follow-up once if they get a no. They might say, ” I know you said no before but I wanted to let you know that this and that happened etc.

If their prospect says no again that’s it. They are off the list and the amateur will never follow-up with them again and the avenue to get back is closed.

The amateur will say things like, “I have spoken to everyone. My warm market is burnt out”


The professional knows that a no is not a no. It’s just a not know. The professional hears no and understands this person is saying they are not ready for their business opportunity right now and this reaction is not forever. The professional knows that peoples circumstances change and that no may just become a yes.

This is how I can prove this statement above. How many of you that are reading this article at some point in their lives said no to a network marketing opportunity. How many of you? I’m sure that it is a lot but here you still are.

Most of you said no to some poser or amateur prior to someone catching you at the right time.

The difference between being a professional and a poser or amateur is that the professional never closes the door. He always leaves an avenue open to build a genuine relationship over time.

They will ask these types of questions. Can I stay in touch with you? Can I let you know when something new happens in the business?

The professional then has another avenue to come back in and say I know last time was not the right time for you but this is what has happened etc.

That is what professionals do and that is what I want you to do.

The first reaction is not a reality, it’s just an illusion.