April 22, 2024


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Miss Hoosier Heartland – Miss White River Valley Scholarship Organization to Hold Children’s Pageant

The Miss Hoosier Heartland/Miss White River Valley Children’s pageant is open to girls and boys ages newborn to 5 who live in the state of Indiana. The pageant will be held in Kokomo, IN on Saturday, July 21st in Kokomo, IN. The children will compete in age divisions in beauty, and may compete in several other optional competitions; including talent. Winners will be crowned in each age category. A supreme baby winner will also be chosen and he or she will receive a cash award. This child will also have the opportunity to travel and appear with the Miss Hoosier Heartland and Miss White River Valley titleholders during the 2008 year in parades and make other appearances throughout the year.

Funds raised through this pageant goes for scholarships to the contestants in the Miss Hoosier Heartland and Miss White River Scholarship Program.

This is your invitation to enter the Miss Hoosier Heartland/Miss White River Valley’s Children’s pageant. This pageant is an annual fundraiser that helps provide scholarships given to the Miss Hoosier Heartland/Miss White River Valley contestants. It is also a development program for future Miss Hoosier Heartland/Miss White River Valley contestants as they learn how to compete in the Miss America system.

Girls: Newborn – 5 Years of Age

New Hoosier Heartland (Newborn-11 months)

Baby Hoosier Heartland (12 months-23 months)

Tiny Miss Hoosier Heartland (24 months-35 months)

Little Hoosier Heartland (3-5 years of age)

Boys: Newborn – 5 years of Age


12 months-23 months

24 months-35 months

3-5 years old

Beauty/Beau: Beauty will be judged on personality, facial beauty, and overall appearance. Female contestants may wear a short or long dress. Male contestants may wear dress pants, suit or tux. While on stage, each contestant must be chaperoned by one adult and the older children will have the opportunity to answer a question on-stage. We will crown 1 winner and 3 runner-ups in each age division that has 10 or more contestants. Each contestant will receive an award. If we do not have more than 3 in each age division we may need to combine ages.

This is an optional event. To enter, submit your favorite color or black & white photo. Photos must be 3×4 or larger. No frames. You must send in your photo(s) with your entry form as judging will be done prior to the pageant. Photos will be returned to you the day of the pageant. Headshots are preferred; however, full body shots will be accepted. Judging will be based on overall projection of photo, clarity, beauty, and personality projection. Awards will be presented to one winner in each age division if there are 5 or more contestants; otherwise age divisions may be combined.

Parent/Daughter(s)/Son(s): Attire: Casual or Formal. (Please consider this experience with your daughter(s). We added this competition last year and everyone had so much fun)

Supreme Child: You will only be entered in this competition if you have entered 3 optional competitions. The child with the highest total points will be the over-all winner for the children’s pageant. $100 Cash Award in addition to other prizes Last year’s winner was Abbey Summerfield.

For more information or to request an application please call Danielle Rush at 765-271-3790, email [email protected] or go to our web site at www.misshoosierheartland.com.