April 22, 2024


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META Tags Basics

META Tags are found within the and section of any web pages. Meta tags is very much essential for indexing search engines. You should carefully optimize your web pages with meta tags.
Bellow I shall try to give you basic concept of meta tags

1) META Description Tag

Some search engines will index the META Description Tag found in the and section of your web pages. These indexing search engines may present the content of your meta description tag as the result of a search query.

meta name=”description” content=”Description of your page goes here”>

2) META Keywords Tag

The META Keywords Tag is where you list keywords and keyword phrases that you’ve targeted for that specific page. Now-a-days, Major search engine give little value to this tag.

meta name=”keywords” content=”Your targeted keywords goes here”>

3) META Language Tag

In HTML elements, the language attribute or META Language Tag specifies the natural language.

meta http-equiv=”content-language” content=”en-us”>

4) META Link Relationship Tag

It is helpful for search results to reference the beginning of the collection of documents in addition to the page hit by the search. You may help search engines by using the link element with rel=”start” along with the title attribute. The META Link Relationship tag is part of the metadata that appears within the

section of your web pages.

link rel=”start” href=”URL” title=”Title of the page”>

5) META Robots Tag

The Robots META Tag is meant to provide users who cannot upload or control the robots.txt file at their websites, with a last chance to keep their content out of search engine indexes and services.

meta name=”robots” content=”none”>

6) META Robots Tag for Googlebot

Googlebot obeys the noindex, nofollow, and noarchive META Robots Tags. If you place these tags in the head of your HTML/XHTML document, you can cause Google to not index, not follow or not archive particular documents on your site.

meta name=”googlebot” content=”noarchive, nofollow”>

7) META Revisit-After Tag

The revisit-after META tag is not supported by any major search engines,

meta name=”revisit-after” content=”5 days”>