May 21, 2024


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Habitrail OVO Loft Hamster Cage Review – Description and Information

The Habitrail OVO Loft Hamster Cage review aims to provide you with the description and information of this cage. This hamster cage is one of the many OVO editions created by Habitrail. In the next few paragraphs, I will touch on the product dimensions, items lists, descriptions and highlight a few comments made by customers who bought this large hamster cage.

1. Dimensions of the Habitrail OVO Loft Hamster Cage

  • 69cm (27in) Long
  • 30cm (12in) Wide
  • 25cm (10in) High

2. Items included in this cool hamster cage

  1. Main Base Area OVO Loft Cage
  2. Two Large Orange Windows/Doors
  3. Silent Habitrail Exercise Wheel
  4. Matching Food Bowl
  5. Cozy Hideaway
  6. Water Bottle
  7. Lock Connector
  8. Loft Cardboard Maze

3. Description of the Habitrail OVO Loft Hamster Cage

This cage is made up of 8 items as listed above. The main base area is where your little animal can run about freely. The rounded corners prevents it from chewing the sides of the cage. The two large doors allows you to have easy access to your pet so that you will have an easier time feeding and playing with it. These easy access doors are secured which prevents your hamsters, gerbils or mice from escaping.

Basic items like the silent Habitrail exercise wheel, food bowl and water bottle are also provided. This means that you do not need to get them on your own. It is great value for your money!

Habitrail also provides a cardboard maze for your pets to explore and also chew on it.

Still not convinced this is the cage for you to house your hamsters? Let us see some reviews by customers who have bought the Habitrail OVO Loft Hamster Cage.

4. Comments made by customers who bought the cage


Hamster owners who bought the cage love it because it is very roomy and spacious. The cage is very safe because of the tubes are secured by lock connectors.

In my opinion, it has a good value for money – a big space for a small price. You do not have to worry about wood shavings spilling out of the cage when the hamster burrows because of its high base.

You are also able to have a clear view of hamsters running around in the cage but also giving them enough privacy because of the top of the cage is clear but coloured.

Improvements to be made:

Dwarfs hamsters might be unable to climb vertically up the stairs to the food bowl. It is quite steep for them and is rather slippery. This can be easily solved by placing another food bowl in the cage, where your pets can reach.