April 22, 2024


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Find the Right Freight Shipping Container or Case to Handle Your Trade Show Displays

We all know that freight shipping is risky and expensive. It is a fact that products get damaged in transit. The only defense you have to protect your products is the container you use and finding the proper one is an important part of your trade show planning process. After you have spent months planning your booth, getting your message and collateral materials ready and getting your salespeople ready, your next step is getting your products to the show. How are you going to make sure that your displays reach the show in good condition?

You have several options and they depend entirely on the size, weight and nature of your displays.


There are many sizes and types of cases but most are made from rugged plastic. One advantage of cases is that they can be transported by a salesman directly. Wheel and handle options make them easily movable and they travel well on planes. They are best utilized for small or lighter-weight items. Your product will be best protected by a custom fit high density foam interior. Cases are often called front-door containers because they are attractive enough to take on a sales call and can be customized with company logos. They are a great option for items regularly transported to sales meetings.

Shipping Cases

A back-door option for cases is a heavy-duty shipping case. These are ordinarily used to decrease shipping costs and are for items that are sturdy but not too heavy. They can also come with wheel and handle options and while they can be moved by an individual they are more often shipped. These cases can be custom made to fit your product and also have custom fit high density foam for protection.

Temporary Shipping Containers –

If you have a product display that will be used for training or a lobby installation and it needs to be transported only once you can spare yourself the expense of a permanent container. Your item can be attached to a skid and/or protected by a wooden container with interior foam spray.

Permanent Shipping Containers –

For displays that will regularly travel to shows or other locations, purchasing a permanent container is the best option. These containers offer superior protection because they are made with an iron frame to withstand repeated travel. Wooden sides shield the product without adding too much additional weight. Interior felt padding and hold-downs guard the product from moving inside and getting damaged. Options for this type of container include a drawbridge ramp for wheeled displays, special spaces to hold collateral materials, compartments for multiple displays and more since they are custom built for your display.

International Shipping Containers –

Due to wood restrictions instituted for international shipments you need to be careful when shipping overseas. If your product will travel to international destinations you should invest in a special shipping container. You can either use cases, a non-wooden container or you can have your wooden container certified to comply with regulations in many countries. You will need to check the requirements for the countries you plan to go to before making your choice.