March 4, 2024


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Email Marketing Tips – 7 Reasons Why You Need To Build A List

Are you actively building at least one list in your niche right now? If not, you’re missing out on quite a bit of potential growth and income. Let’s talk about seven reasons why you need to build a list.

Build A Relationship With Your Readers

The main reason to build a list is to be able to build a relationship with your readers. They have to know like and trust you before they ever consider buying something through your site (be it your own product or an affiliate offer). A list allows you to stay in touch and gives them that chance.

Connecting With Your Target Market

Not only are you building a relationship with your subscribers, you’re also connecting with your target audience. This means that once you have a list, you can ask them what they want to learn more about, what problems they are facing and the likes.

Bring People Back To Your Site

An email list also allows you to bring visitors back to your site. How many times have you been surfing the net, ended up on a really great site but half an hour later you can’t remember what it was or how to get back to it (unless you spend a lot of time going through your browser history, which no one does). With an email list, you can continually send them more and more great content that includes links back to your site.

Branding Yourself As The Expert

And speaking of great content it, in combination with a list allows you to brand yourself as an expert. Your readers get great advice from you over and over again on a certain topic. It won’t take them long to figure out that you know what you’re talking about which again builds the trust you need to create a profitable and sustainable online business.

Easy To Automate

One of my favorite aspects of list building is the fact that it’s so easy to automate. I set up my list once, I drive traffic to the pages of my site that contain an opt-in box and then I start adding email messages to my autoresponder. Each of these things I only have to do once, but they will continue to work for months and years to come growing my list, making money from my list etc.

Making Multiple Offers

Another big advantage of having a list is that you can make multiple offers. Think about this if you are passionate about gardening, you’re not going to buy just one gardening book, subscribe to one magazine and buy one set of tools. Instead you’re going to get several of each and you’ll keep spending more and more on your hobby. Your target audience is no different. By having a list you can make them multiple related offers (again, both your own products or affiliate offers or a combination of both).

Being Able To Generate Income With The Push Of A Button

Last but not least, let’s talk about the reason that brings me the biggest peace of mind. If you have a responsive list (even if it’s relatively small), you have the ability to generate extra income at the push of a button. There have been many a times when we needed a few hundred extra dollars for unexpected bills. Each time I was able to come up with the extra cash just by sending a special offer to one of my lists.