May 22, 2024


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Candida Treatment With Homozon – Description, Function, and the Doses

Have you tried Homozon in your candida treatment? A friend just got hers yesterday and is already impressed. She has been able to stay on her juice cleanse for both days (not easy with cravings) and has tons of energy! Her first dose of Homozon was 1/2 teaspoon, which seemed okay and not too many problems, so her second dose, several hours later was 1 rounded teaspoon. Today, she has taken 3 doses of 2 teaspoons each. Not as much energy, but she is still getting good results.

Homozon is a powder that contains oxygen bound to magnesium molecules. The person that developed it did so in 1898. His name was Blass. He has some other therapies, but I have only decided to recommend this one after researching and reading some testimonials about it. When you drink it and chase it with lemon water, it releases oxygen throughout your digestive system and goes to work oxidizing the toxins in your body so that they can be released. Basically, it cleans your digestive system.

I will say that you should also taking SF 722 and Threelac, as well as 5-htp (Tryptophan pre-cursor), HSO and SBO probiotics, glutamine, gla, cla, ala to reduce and minimize cravings, depression, and fat storage.

In the addition of the Homozon, after 5 doses now has produced an enormous amount of energy and willpower, which I have sorely been lacking. When I began cleansing yesterday, I started taking pictures of myself so that I would have proof of what my protocol could do for me. I will need the extra boost as well, but it seems to be helping me dump the extra water retention from possible food allergies already!