June 24, 2024


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Can You Market Audio Interviews Without a List?

As I have said before, list building is the way to go in marketing. But I’m also going to say, another best way to market is joint ventures, hands down. You don’t have to have a list and you don’t have to be an expert. If you can be the guy who just can do the interview and you can secure the rights to the interview, and if you can take that interview to someone who does have a list, but doesn’t have any marketing, you are set.

You’ve got an interview, you’ve got a tool that sells, that you want to hope it sells, if you’ve done it right and you’ve done your research and you take your time with it you’ll have a good audio interview that will sell either an expertise or a product or a service, that is valuable. It’s like a winning sales letter. What’s a winning sales letter worth? You know, in a huge market.

I mean if you have a large market on something and if you have a sales letter that sells a product and every time you put it on the Internet or every time you mailed it and you tested it, it makes money for you, it’s like a money printing machine.

Well, the same thing a good audio interview is like that. It’s a valuable asset that you can turn off and turn on anytime you need it. I’ve got an interview on my site, it’s an interview with a cold calling expert and I was able to negotiate a good joint venture proposal with him and I went the extra mile to do this interview with him for free and this has been going on for about five years, maybe five years I’ve had this audio on my site and just for some reason and first of all it’s a very hot topic; cold calling within the sales field.

A lot of people on the phone want to learn how to cold call and he’s a very good marketer so once I generate the lead through that audio recording that plays on my site, it gets downloaded on my site, that is seen on YouTube, seen on Facebook, seen on iTunes and its’ seen out there and the intellectual property that I control and it’s a little money machine and it just refers them over to their affiliate deal, that keeps track of everything.

That is really the easiest thing and I don’t have to ship a product and all I have to do is that one interview, one time, edit it, get it done right, set up an affiliate deal and you want to make sure you can trust the person and you want to make sure you can control the flow of that lead that you generate because you’ve invested a lot of time and effort in creating that audio recording, that sales piece and you want to make sure you’re paid on that.

There are methods that I teach  how to do that and it’s very important. Every single audio recording is valuable.