June 24, 2024


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Why Watching Films From the ‘IMDB Top 250’ List Is a Must For Every Movie Buff

Since its inception in the 1890s, cinema has remained a medium that offers both artistic satisfaction and entertainment to the viewers. For some viewers, it is not just a form of escapism or entertainment; it is actually an integral part of life. These viewers, also known as movie buffs, rely on various online portals to consume as much as possible from the cinematic universe. One such online portal, IMDB (internet movie database), is a haven for almost every movie buff from across the world.

This online portal contains the data of every movie and TV show from the world. Even the information of fictional characters, production crew, and box office collection are present on the portal. The users can also watch the trailer of upcoming movies on the website.

Apart from carrying information of almost every feature film, IMDB also allows the users to vote for the films listed on the website. On the basis of user votes, the movies are rated on the website from 1 to 10. The website also utilizes a formula for creating a list called ‘IMDB Top 250,’ which represents 250 top rated movies. The list is constantly modified with the changes in the number of votes and other criteria based on which the list is created. The movie ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ released in 1994, has remained on the top spot of this list for a long time.

Though most of the movies on the list are from the USA, a movie buff is introduced to films from different countries like Japan, France, Germany, and India. Apart from this, the list covers classic films from every genre. For example, the classic horror film, The Shining, is part of the list. Apart from this, the film covers classics from genres like science fiction, biography, crime, drama, fantasy, and war, etc.

This list is also important because it contains numerous movies from some legendary directors, including Stanley Kubrick, Billy Wilder, Alfred Hitchcock, and Christopher Nolan. Basically, it gives a chance to admire the work of these filmmakers by understanding the type of movies created by them.

The IMDB Top 250 list is also important because it introduces the individuals from the present generation with some popular movie franchises of the past. Some films from popular franchises present on the list include Terminator, Alien, Godfather, and Back to the Future.

Therefore, watching the films from this list can be considered the first step in the journey of becoming a movie buff.