June 24, 2024


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Trade Show Announcements and Invitations For Your Company

Trade shows can be an important part of your business whether you are announcing a new product or highlighting the features and benefits of your existing products and services. This can be a great way to reach out to many professionals in your industry.


New clients who are not necessarily professionals in the industry that you are in may not know about the exhibition and your presence at that show. Sending your client a trade show invitation to is a perfect way to involve your clients. Get your clients involved and excited about seeing your new products and services up close and personal.

Potential new clients may be getting multiple invitations to the show you are inviting them to. You’ll need to make sure you have an eye-catching invitation and some great incentive to have these new clients come to your booth. These corporate invitations need to be both professional and engaging. And since access to this event might cost you and your company a fair amount of money you’ll need to make sure you make an economical choice.


While still very important, announcements can be slightly more informal. Recipients of the trade show announcement are typically already exhibitors and/or guests at the show. They will not need an invitation or access to the show, but need to know where your booth will be located and which products or services you will be exhibiting. Pick an announcement that is exciting and still informative. These shows can be big, so you want to make sure you get lots of the right kind of traffic at your booth.

Once you get your clients to your booth at the trade show, make sure it is worth their time. Prepare your booth to look professional and informative. Another great trade show trick is sending your guests away with a small ‘gift.’ Visitors to your booth should leave with a trinket or small gift with your logo.

Events around the trade show

The actual trade show is often only part of all the action. After the show ends for the evening, there are many parties, events and dinners for most attendees. If you are planning an event outside of the exhibition, make sure you get your corporate invitations ready early. If your clients can’t get into the show, they can certainly attend your event after the show – which can sometimes be more fun. Keep a few of your corporate party invitations handy at the booth, too as you might want to hand them out to a potential client who stops by your booth.

Make the most of your company’s trade show with the very best in corporation invitations and trade show announcements. These shows are the perfect venue for live demonstrations and education about your existing products and services and introductions for new products and services. By involving your clients you are creating a positive experience with you and your products and building business.