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Prosperity Book Review: The Kabbalah of Dollars – Jewish Insights On Providing, Owning And Receiving

By: Rabbi Nilton Bonder (1996)

Printed by Shambhala Publications, Inc., Horticulture Hall, 300 Massachusetts Ave. Boston, Massachusetts 02115

ISBN 1-57062-804-1

Guide Price: $22.95

Rabbi provides Jewish teachings

Rabbi Nilton Bonder was born in Brazil and ordained at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York. He is the creator of numerous textbooks revealing Jewish teachings: Yiddishe Kop Resourceful Dilemma Resolving in Jewish Mastering Lore, and Humor The Kabbalah of Food stuff and The Kabbalah of Envy.

Rabbinical training on income

Rabbi Nilton Bonder shares timeless Jewish funds principles in 10 chapters. He addresses this sort of matters as, the boundaries of wealth (Ch. 2) prosperity elevated by getting much less (Ch. 5) living in the product earth (Ch. 6) agents of livelihood (Ch. 7) road blocks to prosperity (Ch. 8) dying and prosperity: can you consider it with you? And considerably far more!

Boosting money beliefs by way of the Jewish context

Rabbi Nilton Bonder converses with audience in an casual, educational style. He depends intensely on Jewish contemplating to inform his viewers. This is viewed in his opening remarks, “A Jewish aphorism tells us that a gentleman demonstrates his character in a few methods: by his cup (that is, his urge for food), his pocket (his romance to money), and his anger.”

Insights attained from a Rabbi’s point of view amplify and qualify Bonder’s presentation. He affirms rabbinical sights often, as follows, “The rabbis convey to us that… our money is an extension of our reactions and beliefs.” & “The rabbis saw poverty as an unparalleled tragedy. In the Midrash (Exodus Rabbah 31:14) we study: “Nothing in the universe is even worse than poverty it is the most terrible of sufferings. A person oppressed by poverty is like a person who carries on his shoulders the excess weight of the entire world’s sufferings.”” He clearly communicates Jewish beliefs.

Rabbi Nilton’s purpose is evidently to inspire viewers to embrace and act on rabbinical wisdom, viewed right here: “… it is our obligation to build maximum abundance for all with no building scarcity. In the language of the rabbinical Sector, this is the excellent problem in which “one bash will not eliminate, and the other gains.”” Appears like gain-acquire!

Bonder is pointed in a great deal of his addressing of methods to our economic disaster. His solutions have a convicting sting as he states, “Substantially present prosperity can not be manufactured available to us, due to the fact of our unwillingness to share.”

Jewish ideas release income to us

Rabbi Nilton Bonder shares Jewish principles that launch cash to us, helping readers to triumph over poverty.

Results Action: Record 3 matters you imagine about income. Let your cash beliefs be cultured by Jewish believed.