June 24, 2024


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Poster Hangers for Trade Show and Exhibitions

Display Junction sells this easy to use, light weight yet durable Picture Hanger system to add special charm to your graphics. you can hang posters attached to Easy Poster Hanger in a variety of situations.

Many variety of graphic media can be used between hangers for ease of showcasing. The Bars can be reused any number of times by attaching new graphics to it time and again.

Easy poster hanger is very simple to use light weight system suitable as substitute to roll up banner stands.

Easy poster hanger provides anxiety free use and prevents situation like damage of Roll up banner stands during transportation.

Made from high quality aluminum. hanger system is annodized to prevent loss of natural aluminum finish. It has pipe like structure with a slit on both sides to accept pints in flex material, non tear paper or thin canvas or any other media with can be rolled. Print is rolled on the bottom bar and that prevents any damage to the printed material during storage or transportation. Top bar has two hooks with nickle plating or Stainless steel quality to prevent corrosion. both the bars also have plastic tail caps to prevent slipping of the print from bars after attachment.

Print may be of solvent quality print or eco solvent quality or latex print, we provide high quality High Dynamic Resolution prints, printed on high quality pigment ink- jet printers to give very crisp and long-lasting prints which are wash resistant or fade resistant even in direct sunlight for up-to approximately 2 years. Prints are archival quality which means they remain fresh for hundreds of years in dark conditions or on short exposure during display.

Easy poster hanger is easy to use, just hang it on the back wall or use safety-pin on cloth back drop and hang it. Roll the graphic on the bottom bar and just carry it. the roll up carry bag can easily carry 6 pieces.

Display Junction provides Poster Hanger not only in standard size of 36″ but in any customized size up-to 72″ as per your requirements.

set of two bars weigh less than 700 grammes with thin canvas or cloth print. Set of bars just weigh 550 grammes add to that your print weight and it is still lightest system to carry to any exhibition.

it is a preferred system used by many display junction’s esteemed customers who prefer it over retractable or what is called a roll up banner stand which is prone to damage and resultant failures.