February 21, 2024


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How to Set-Up a Trade Show Display for Your Products

When you are setting up a trade show display for your products, it is important to keep in mind that the two primary reasons for participating in trade shows are (1) to increase name recognition for your company and (2) to generate leads.

Increase Name Recognition

Signage can make or break you at a trade show. Your signage is what trade show attendees notice before they notice what items are displayed on your table. Make sure that your company name and logo are prominently displayed so that people walking up and down the aisles can easily see them. Don’t assume that having brochures on your table is enough to generate name recognition. Something has to attract people to stop by your table before they ever get a chance to see your brochure.

It is a good idea to have a raised element with your logo and company name prominently displayed. You could set up a screen behind your booth, or have a standing display directly on your table. The key is to have your company name and logo at eye level so that people can easily see them as they are strolling through the maze of vendor displays. The logo should be bold, and the name of your company should be large.

If people walk up to your exhibit and ask what company you are representing, you really need to rethink your display before you attend your next trade show. What you would rather hear is, “Oh you work for XTGH Company. What is it you do?” When people respond in this manner, the name of your company is going to stick with them. It is much better to have visitors who were attracted to your booth because of your company’s name rather than the ones who just stop by for a free doughnut!

Generate Leads

One of the reasons people love going to trade shows is all of the freebies that vendors give out. Interesting specialty item giveaways and food a good tools for drawing people to your booth. With that said, keep in mind that a primary reason you are participating in a trade show in the first place is to generate leads.

While you don’t want to be stingy with your booth goodies, you also don’t want to encourage trade show attendees to “grab and run” either. Don’t put 50 pens and three trays of cookies at the same time. If you put too many items out at one time, they’ll be gone immediately and you won’t have any leads to show for it.

An excellent way to generate leads is to have a “register to win” basket or fishbowl on your table. Mention your drawing to people when they stop by to say hi. While they are registering, offer them a pen or a snack. You’ll end up getting a registration form or business card with complete contact information all for the cost of a promotional pen or a snack.

General Setup Do’s and Don’ts for Your Trade Show Display

o Don’t overcrowd your booth. Show a few representative products, along with literature about your company and your business cards.

o Make sure there is room for people to easily access to promotional items or food that you are giving away at the event.

o Have a ready supply of pens on hand for people to use to register for your giveaway drawing.

o Keep in mind that people will assume that pens and any other items you put out on your table are giveaways. Do not display expensive or irreplaceable items.

o Sit or stand behind your booth.

o Always, always, always smile and make eye contact with people who approach your booth.