May 22, 2024


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Head Airflow 5 – Racket Review and CrossBow Technology Description

Ever wonder what Cross Bow technology actually means? On impact of the tennis ball, the bridge flexes independently from the racket absorbing the energy of the ball. Upon follow through, the bridge releases the energy it absorbed and shoots it into the hit, kind of like a spring or a bow. How ironic, right? Anyway, this technology is up and coming and Head has developed rackets that can harness the energy of the ball as well as offer maximum control over the ball so you can place it wherever you want.

For example, the Head Airflow line, which was developed for women, offers this technology. The Head Airflow 5 in particular is an extremely solid racket that has three main components manufactured for women. Balance, light-weight power, and ergonomic grip.

The traditional racket is usually head heavy, however, the Head Airflow 5 has relocated a lot of the weight around the bridge offering a lighter weight head for increased maneuverability.

When it comes to tennis, the terms “light-weight” and “power” don’t necessarily walk hand in hand. However, when it comes to the Head Airflow 5, these two words go together spaghetti and meatballs or like Roger Federer and Wimbledon. Regardless, women tend to prefer a lightweight racket that can still get the job done and hit that game winning smash and this racket certainly can do just that thanks to the new balance.

An ergonomic grip is the final component of this racket. It goes without saying that a woman’s hand is different than a mans. This grip was developed to be thin at the top and thick towards the bottom to fit a woman’s hand reducing twist and torque as well as strain on the arm.

So ladies, when you think you are stuck in a mans world, think again because there are definitely people looking out for you. So settle for that bulky and heavy men’s racket no more. Head’s Airflow 5 is here to save the day along with a few of its closest friends.