June 24, 2024


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Effective Leaders and Managers All Use Time Management Skills to Achieve Success

Effective leaders and managers have one thing in common. These people are good with managing their time. If you want to become a professional at what you do as a leader, and good manager, you must learn to use time management skills to enhance your personal qualities. Because most of us have had little in the way of formal education with time management skills you may want to consider taking a course, workshop, or seminar with the emphasis on ways to manage your time. At the very least there are many good books, and articles on the subject.

Learning about the essential elements of managing your time will pay dividends in this very fast paced world.

The number one complaint from the top executives around the globe is the shortage of time to get everything done that they would like to accomplish. Time is at a premium because no matter how you slice it up, there are only twenty four hours in a day. You cannot produce more time or add hours to the clock. You can however learn to use your time more wisely and effectively. If you can do that you are going to become more successful and happier in anything that you take on and do.

What are some of the essentials of good time management skills that people use? The first one is having an agenda and knowing what the priorities are. Everyone should use some form of a “to do” list. There are many very clever formats in the market place to purchase these tools. One of the most popular is with a computer or electronic device. This will help you to keep careful records of the tasks at hand, the dates, the times, and the level of priority. Get into a routine everyday of reviewing your task list so that you know exactly where you stand.

Another tip is to accept the idea that you cannot accomplish everything on your own. You must have help to achieve these tasks and you must learn to delegate responsibilities to others. Do not let your “ego” get in the way of delegating tasks to others. If they do it correctly, reward them. It will make you look all the better. Remember, as a manager, you will only look as good as the people around you. Learn to recognize when you are over loaded with tasks. Too many tasks with not enough help can be dangerous. Part of the value of time management skills is knowing your limitations and recognizing that help is needed.