May 22, 2024


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Ad Swap to Build Your List?

Have you ever thought of this list building technique? Or are you thinking, what is an ad swap? An ad swap is quite simply a reciprocal agreement between two marketers, in the same/similar niche, to send out an email to their list/s on the other persons behalf advertising the other persons services. That email has a link to a squeeze page that promotes a product, generally for free. The whole purpose is to capture a name and email address to build your list.

With the help of a website called Safe Swap, the above process can be done very easily. The great thing with Safe Swap is that you can schedule your ad swap by checking out your partners calender so that a convenient date and time can be arranged. Also you can check list size, whether the list is verified/unverified, check the rating, get the average click count and average conversion rate and the click count from the previous ad swap.

I had thought of doing ad swaps on a personal basis but you just cannot get access to this kind of information and a lot of it is down to trust but with Safe Swap it is a secure and easy way of doing things and as I would say, piece of mind!

The list sizes available at the time of writing vary from 70,000 – 48 so a very wide range. The people I have worked with have been very friendly and helpful. I have built up some great contacts which is what networking is all about and my list also seems to like the variety of content as the moment too, so it’s a win, win situation!

Be sure to check your partners ad, make sure the links work, download the information and have a look through to make sure you are happy as this is going to go out to your list, that you have worked hard to put together!

Once you have completed various steps of your ad swap it is a case of checking everything through and when you are happy scheduling it in your autoresponder – this can be done automatically if you wish. The results can then be monitored in your calender as the ad swap progresses.

It really is a great site and worth a look even if you only register for 1 month as the trial cost is $1. Just thought I would mention that there is also an affiliate program and you can earn 50% recurring commissions for the membership lifetime of all referred.