June 24, 2024


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A Peek at FMCG Account Manager Jobs

What responsibilities does an FMCG account manager hold?

As in any other company, the account manager always holds a critical position when it comes to customer communications. Most of the time, they are the ones responsible in taking care of the clients. In the case of fast-moving consumer goods, the challenge is quite more difficult since client turnover might be fast-paced.

One can easily notice that these companies are bigger and appear more stable. However, such an appearance also has corresponding hard work. The work involved in these companies is intense. As such, the Account Manager basically needs to be flexible and dynamic at all times. Another thing to expect is that he or she must be able to hold on and keep his team organized.

Account managers always need to be creative in damage control. Otherwise, they won’t be able to maintain rapport with the customers. Another thing is that he or she must also maintain good teamwork with his staff. Otherwise, it would be difficult to deliver what the customers would expect.

How does one get this position from FMCG companies?

Experience will score a lot in the selection process of FMCG companies. There are a lot of crunch times involved in this job position. As such, what FMCG companies needs is someone that can handle that pressure with precision and grace. Obviously, this is not something that a newbie can do. For the account manager post, a minimum of at least two to five year experience is necessary. It would be helpful if one has more experience.

Basic requirements are a bachelor’s degree in Marketing or Communication or Business Administration. Applicants who do not have such degrees could also qualify as long as he holds corresponding years of experience. He or she must also be very competent in communications. Needless to say, the applicant must also be strong-hearted and flexible, too.

What’s in store for the FMCG Account Manager?

The work included in account management is always detail-oriented. There are a lot of efforts involved. As such, one can expect that such positions would be laden with a lot of benefits. The average salary for this position is set at US$54,400.

Aside from the salary, there are also other perks such as competitive benefits and profit sharing. Stable companies operating internationally also provide their account managers with endless lists of bonuses. This long list is very much fit for someone who really works hard.

Account managing is not an easy task but it is also paired with rewarding experiences and tangible benefits. It is just up to the applicant to decide if he or she is willing to partake in such a joyride.