May 22, 2024


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3 Titanic List-Building Techniques

At times, attracting subscribers to your list can seem
as challenging as finding a pool of water in the desert.

Having built several lists over the last year in different
niche markets – all highly responsive, some in the high
tens of thousands, its time to focus in on 3 of the most
productive list building techniques.

Before I list them, the other factor in making money from
your list though is relevance and responsiveness. You can
have a list of 100,000 and it can still be worth less to you
than a list of 10,000 based on relevance and responsiveness.

At the end of the day, its your revenue per subscriber that
is critical to your business – not just the size of the list.

3 Titantic List Building Techniques

1. Writing articles. Trick here is to spend 90% of your time
on the article title (effectively your headline) and toward
writing compelling articles consistently. Send them out to
publishers and directories – but always build a strong publisher
base which you can go back to again and again. Some of my better
articles have been picked up by hundreds of ezines, and have been
seen by millions of eyeballs resulting in very strong traffic and
list signups.

Case in point, my article titled “How To Make Pay-Per-Click
Advertising Payoff!” over at:
has been run by hundreds of online and offline magazines with
total subscriptions into the millions.

Another example in another niche – this very simple article
on Low Carb foods has been picked up by hundreds of websites

Learn to write articles that attract attention is the single best
way to rapidly build your own responsive list.

2. Use a capture page, often called Namesqueeze for first-time
traffic. Rather than sending traffic right to your sales page,
send them to a capture page first and target the page well to your
market. For example: is such
a page. Conversion is well over 40% on most days, so as you can see,
any substantial traffic will result in very strong list building

3. Joint ventures: You should be seeking out at least 2 new joint
ventures each month – some of these can instantly result in 100’s –
if not 1000’s of signups. Long term joint ventures can also be
repeated for months and months. Think in terms of joint mailings,
interviews, viral ebooks, articles, special reports, etc… to use as
tools to make joint ventures successful.

Finally – if I had to list a fourth, of course your own affiliate
program would be the fourth. Takes a little longer to build momentum,
but when you do – its like placing your list building on auto-pilot.